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Support Frontier Pilots

“It is time for management to get serious about negotiating a market-rate contract,” says Frontier ALPA Chairman Capt. Tracy Smith. “A strike would be unfortunate, but we are prepared to take this step, if necessary and if authorized by the National Mediation Board, to achieve our goal of earning pay similar to what our peers earn. We hope the airline will make a deal with us soon to eliminate any potential disruption of service to passengers.”

What you can do to help:

Helping pilots win a new, fair market rate contract will help to keep your travel plans from falling through if contract talks end in an impasse and pilots are released from mediation and authorized to go on strike. Please take action now and show your support for Frontier pilots by posting one of the following messages on social media:

  • Hey, @FlyFrontier, it’s time to provide a market-rate contract for pilots. Passengers want pilots to be fairly compensated. #frontierdealnow (Post to Twitter)
  • @FlyFrontier pilots helped to make their airline a success. It’s time for management to recognize their contributions with a market-rate contract. #frontierdealnow
  • Time for pilots over profits, @FlyFrontier. It’s your move. #FrontierDealNow

Or, you can Tweet at Frontier Airlines (@FlyFrontier) using the hashtag: #frontierdealnow

Don’t wait!  Time is running out for Frontier management to avoid the possibility of a lengthy and costly service disruption should management continue to pay its pilots 50% less than their peers and the pilots are legally cleared to strike if bargaining for a new fair market rate contract fails.

You may want to ask yourself:  Is that cheap fare worth it?  

Thank you for supporting the pilots of Frontier Airlines.