The Frontier Strike Bus is on the move and is coming to a city near you!

The Frontier Strike Bus is on the move! Starting in late August, the Frontier Strike Bus will be traveling across the country to help get the message out: “It’s time for a market-rate contract for Frontier pilots.” We’ll be in cities in Virginia, North Carolina, Texas, Arizona, and many more—so you should be on the lookout.

Check out the cities below to see where we’re headed next!


Denver, CO 8/18-8/21
Kansas City, MO 8/24
St. Louis, MO 8/25
Chicago, IL 8/27-8/30
Chicago, IL 8/28
Chicago, IL 8/29
Chicago, IL 8/30
Cleveland, OH 9/2
Cleveland, OH 9/3
Cleveland, OH 9/4
Philadelphia, PA 9/8-9/10
Washington, DC 9/11
Herndon, VA 9/12
Washington, DC 9/13
Washington, DC 9/14
Raleigh, NC 9/18
Raleigh, NC 9/19
Raleigh, NC 9/20
Charleston, SC 9/25
Jacksonville, FL
Orlando, FL 9/28
Orlando, FL 9/29
Orlando, FL 9/30
New Orleans, LA 10/2
Houston, TX 10/3
Austin, TX 10/5-10/7
Austin, TX 10/12
Fort Worth, TX 10/13-10/14
Dallas, TX 10/15
Tucson, AZ 10/16
Phoenix, AZ 10/17-10/19
Las Vegas, NV 10/21-10/23
Salt Lake City, UT 10/25

Our Strike Bus is going city to city, especially to Frontier’s focus cities, to let the public know that Frontier pilots are flying the same routes and aircraft as other pilots—but make less than half of what their peers earn. While other groups have signed new agreements, Frontier pilots are still flying under an 11-year old bankruptcy deal.

You can help.

You can help us tell @FlyFrontier management that Frontier pilots have earned a market-rate contract—here’s how:

  1. If you see the #frontierstrikebus, take a picture and share it with us.  Use our hashtag #frontierstrikebus and tag us on Twitter @F9ALPA, and Facebook and Instagram @FrontierPilots.
  2. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter and share our posts.

It’s that easy to be part of our movement while we’re on the move.

Take action now and share our posts with @FlyFrontier:

  • Hey, @FlyFrontier, it’s time to provide a market-rate contract for pilots. Passengers want pilots to be fairly compensated. #frontierstrikebus
  • @FlyFrontier pilots helped to make their airline a success. It’s time for management to recognize their contributions with a market-rate contract. #frontierdealnow
  • Time for pilots over profits, @FlyFrontier. It’s your move. #frontierstrikebus