Frontier Pilots Speak With One Voice

Frontier Airlines pilots have spoken with one voice and told their leaders they are ready to go on strike if no fair agreement can be reached without that step.

Frontier’s pilots voted to authorize their elected union representatives to lawfully walk off the job if contract talks do not result in a new collective bargaining agreement. An overwhelming 100 percent of the pilots eligible to vote did so in favor of the strike ballot.

“This vote shows the deep anger our pilots feel towards the direction set by our management,” said Capt. Tracy Smith, chairman of the ALPA unit at Frontier Airlines. “We’re the lowest-paid Airbus pilots in North America, but that pitiful status is definitely going to change.”

In order to go on strike, the National Mediation Board (NMB) must first decide that additional mediation efforts would not be productive and extend an offer to arbitrate the dispute. If either side declines arbitration, the parties enter a “cooling off” period and are free to exercise self-help—a strike by the pilots or a lockout by the company—30 days later.

The pilots’ contract became amendable in March 2017. The union and the company began contract talks in March 2016 and have been working with a NMB mediator since October 2016.

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