Frontier Airlines Pilots Achieve a Significant Victory

Frontier Airlines pilots have achieved a significant victory in their struggle to recover millions of dollars in pay and benefit concessions. A neutral arbitrator has ruled that company management did not bargain in good faith on a Letter of Agreement where the company promised it would negotiate higher pay for pilots if pilots would agree to make sacrifices aimed at saving the airline.

Pilots gave up more than $53 million in concessions in 2011 when Frontier was in danger of going under, but when the airline started making double-digit profits in 2015 and 2016, the company chose to pay $273 million in dividends and bonuses to private investors and management. ALPA contended that the company violated the terms of LOA 67 by deliberately stonewalling negotiations on higher pay rates for pilots. The arbitrator agreed, giving the company 45 days to work with the union on interim pay adjustments. The talks are separate from the Frontier pilots’ ongoing contract negotiations.

Frontier pilots earn 40 percent less than their peers are and the lowest-paid Airbus pilots in North America.

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